Sunday, May 17, 2009

Batter Up!

Yesterday was the first T-Ball game of the season! Will was in Smart Start Baseball last Spring where they learned the skills to play but didn't play any games. So this is his first year to actually play games against other teams. He was excited to learn that his friends from church, Isaac and Caleb are also on his team. We were impressed with our coach, Jake Francom, who knew all of the boys names at the very first practice.

Will, Isaac Craig, Caleb Williams
Team Picture
(although Will isn't looking at the camera,
at least he is not the one picking his nose! :)
Will getting some catching direction from Coach Jake

and then some batting instruction

Will playing his position outfield
(or... just looking at flowers)

Will playing his position as shortstop
(or... finding something interesting in the dirt)

Although instructed to play only their own position,
as soon as the ball was hit, all of the boys would run after the ball.
It made for lots of fun for the spectators!

Everyone plays, everyone runs all of the bases
(there is no such thing as getting "out" or keeping score)
Giving the other team a shout out.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

My two wonderful men made it a very lovely Mother's Day. I only had to get myself ready for church. Brent got Will ready and even ironed his own shirt. (ok, truth be told, he only ironed the front of the shirt that would show.) When I came out of the bedroom there was a yummy breakfast of fruit and crumpets waiting for me.

At church Brent had arranged for all of the women to attend Sunday School and Relief Society by organizing the men to take over all of their classes. This is the first time it has happened in this ward and the women were feeling very spoiled and grateful. I received many words of praise and gratitude to Brent.

After church we went for a little Spring drive and spent a little time at the park where Will quickly struck up a friendship with a little girl there and they fed the ducks (with lots of little ducklings in tow) and the birds.
When we got home I automatically launched into my regular routine, but Brent told me to go relax and he took care of everything the rest of the day. He made lunch and dinner, and even fresh fruit smoothies.
I am very lucky to have two of the best males ever living with me. Thank you Brent and Will!!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Our Backyard

has Spring finally arrived on Aspen Avenue?
after a few freak spring snow storms (read as blizzards)... we decided it was time to tackle the jungle that is our backyard!

our beautiful boy

loves to play in the garden, but does not love the gardening so much....yet :)

the large apple tree
(the poor thing lost a limb to the blizzard)
of course, there has to be tulips!
(we will be planting purple ones in the fall)

the grape hyacinth

Brent tilled our future garden plot

the small apple tree in bloom
(this picture does not due justice to the beauty of this little tree)

the garden bench needs a little TLC,
but we hope to have it looking nice in a few weeks.

Our pear tree in bloom
So these are the before pictures...
we hope to have after pictures in a couple of months!