Sunday, July 05, 2009

Pitt Family Reunion 2009 - Vernal

Will and I went to the Pitt Family Reunion in Vernal this year with Mom, Karen, Jeff, Kaylee and Kristy... and, of course, Lucky! It turned out to be a Southam Family Reunion with our family. The Southams were wonderful and very gracious to us. They hauled a trailer up the mountain for us and made sure that we were comfortable and had enough water.

Lucky was the first to make himself comfortable in the trailer.
He was not amused when he learned that he would still be sleeping in his crate in the trailer.

We spent lots of time in the trailer playing SkipBo, Hand & Foot, Phase 10, and my favorite from childhood days of camping... Milles Bournes!

I saw Will dragging his camp chair away from the fire pit the very first day and wondered where he was taking it....

Apparently, he saw Nila's shade tent and decided that would be a better place to hang out and have some time to himself!

And then he discovered the ATV!!
And he was never seen in the shade tent again!

Jeff was kind enough to take Will on many ATV rides during the course of our campout. Thanks Jeff!!

All the kids, young and old were very excited that Mom was coming to the campout, because they know that when she is there...
there will be a Candy Tree!!
The hike to get to the tree....

Will spotting the tree for the first time...
very intent on checking out what kinds of candy he is going to grab.

The feeding frenzy...

Kaylee and Kristy helped Will get to the candy he couldn't reach.
We had a great four days hanging out with the family. We had lots of torrential rain, some lightning and thunder, but lots of fun.
Tyson was at our door most mornings asking for Will to come out and play. The little girls were at our door every morning asking for Lucky to come out and play. All the kids loved Lucky and spent a lot of time playing with him and taking him for walks. One of the boys was even heard asking his mom if he could trade his dirt bike for Lucky!
Our boys.
Tired out after a fun-filled campout!