Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Education & Priorities

Will was talking about which university he will attend. He is 7. He is thinking about his advanced education. I'm pretty sure I didn't know anything about advanced education when I was 7.

The discussion turned to the possibility of BYU (he could go to any respected institution as far as we are concerned). He liked this idea because he could live at home. Our hearts are warmed by his desire to be near us, but we figure in a few years he may not want to be so near his parents. Lori asked if he would want to actually live in the dorms with his friends, but he figured it would be nicer to live with us.

After a few moments of silence Will inquired, “Mom, is the BYU Creamery closer to our house or the dorms?”

“Well, it's closer to the dorms,” she responded.

“Hmmm, then that’s tricky.”

At least he knows what his priorities are.