Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Living up to His Name

This is another, “where does this boy come from?” moment for us.

Will is always surprising and amusing us with his observations of the small details found in this world, but some of those observations would only be appreciated by those interested in music.

He often makes comments about music and this includes soundtracks and orchestrations. He loves to direct music and is sure to include the background instrumental parts in his conducting. This always amuses us (and gives me hopes for a future in music). Lately he has been singing the music from Mindy’s (Gledhill) new CD and has picked up the lyrics pretty quickly.

His most recent comment came last night as I put a West Wing DVD into the player. After a few minutes of the soundtrack cycling on the menu (waiting for me to press play). Will says, “do you hear those horns in the music?” We didn’t hear what he meant at first so he said, “it goes like this,” and sang the horn part for us. Sure enough in one small section of the title song, there are pulsating brass horns playing in the background.

Where does he come from?