Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A lucky boy... and a Lucky dog...

So... we were just going to the grocery store... innocent enough.... when all of the sudden we spied someone selling puppies... well, of course we had to go and take a look at them. Two beautiful MALE cocker spaniel puppies. We vowed NEVER to get a male dog again... and especially not a male cocker spaniel. We had learned our lesson with Brinkley... Will picked up one of the puppies...

"Mommy, can i be his brother?"

The first name Will picked out for his puppy was Pepper. Because Grandma and Grandpa Meisinger had a beagle named Pepper that Will loved.
Then he started to call him Blackie....
Brent nixed that right away.

Then we asked for suggestions...
Tara let us know that Delaney voted for "Elmo", while Luke thought "Mouse" would be a good idea. Loren came in with "Vladimir", and Jana said "Lucky"
Right away Will chose "Lucky" and that was that.
And it has proved to be lucky indeed. Will has felt very lucky to have a new puppy, we have felt very lucky that our new puppy is already crate trained and potty trained, and spent a very quiet night in his new surroundings.
And Lucky is obviously feeling very lucky indeed... as noted by his first ride...

Will had to tuck Lucky in after a very eventful evening.

Lucky was definitely ready for some R&R

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Heber Valley Railroad Fieldtrip

The last fieldtrip of the season was to the Heber Valley Railroad. There was one other group there from Primary Children's Hospital. To everyone's surprise Thomas the Tank Engine came to town a week early to give the children a ride. They thought it was a GREAT surprise!!

William's two partners for the day were Joey and Trista.

They even got a visit from Sir Topham Hatt

William's pre-school class at Walden Montessori School
(Will's "girlfriend" Tessa was having a hard day - she is the one being held by Miss Teresa - pink shirt on the right)
No matter how many times I try to explain to Will....
he still thinks Joey is a boy!

On the train

Because they had the kids from Primary Children's Hospital, there was a news crew there taking pictures. Here is the link to see more... (we actually made into some of their pictures!)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Enter.... the Roses...

Our newest surprises have been
coming from our rose bushes.
Here is a glimpse of our backyard...