Saturday, January 17, 2009

Brent's First Home Project

We are currently undergoing some projects... like putting in a laundry room. The electrician came to install the outlets. The plumber came to change our 1" pipes to 2" pipes and install the washer box. But still we didn't have a dryer vent. The plumber initially said he could do it... but decided we needed a concrete cutter due to the brick that would need to be cut through.

But my handyman (aka Brent), decided he could do it. He's never done such a project mind you... but was certain he was up to the task.

After spending some cash at Home Depot (our new favorite store), for a 4" concrete drill bit, along with some other items that I haven't a clue what they are for... he began the LONG process of cutting through drywall, chicken wire, and brick.... and then... low and behold.....

a dryer vent!!

the outside view!

What a Handyman!! Who knew!! :)

AT LAST... We have a camera!

Believe it! With all of the birthday and Christmas money we received... we finally got a camera (i'd show you a picture, but...) :)

So... on with the show!