Friday, April 16, 2010

sorry about the picture quality...

please excuse the quality (or lack thereof) of my pictures lately.  I dropped my camera and it broke... and all I have is my phone.  not good.
This year I am one of the Room Reps for Will's Kindergarten class. 
(it's no longer room "mother" because that's not PC)
Every year they have Teacher Appreciation Day.
The room reps are responsible for decorating the classroom door.
So, of course, I went to my creative husband for ideas. 
This is what he came up with.  It was the hit of the school!!

The school theme this year is 60 years of stars (it's the school's 60th anniversary).  And they asked that the doors incorporate the school theme.  Brent found various pictures of oscar winning actresses posing with their statues.  We cut out their faces and replaced them with pictures of Mrs. Perry.  They were hilarious!  Mrs. Perry said she had teachers lined up at her door after school to get a glimpse at the poster.

the absence of two front teeth...

Will and I went to pick up pizza one night.  We came out with the pizza and as I opened my car door I hear a loud THUD! 
I looked up and saw this....

Will had jumped onto the hood of the car
and stuck his face in the windshield. 
It was a perfect shot of his missing front teeth.