Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Child’s Prayer

Lucky is such a cute black cocker spaniel. His face draws you in, with those deep brown eyes. Lucky does not just wag his tail, but he wags the entire lower half of his body. He wags so fast and crazily he can hardly walk at times and it is a wonder he can stand on his hind legs.

As much as we love Lucky, he can be frustrating. His desire to remove the stuffing out of everything seems to be an addiction. His toys and dog beds have all fallen victim to this insatiable need of his. Lori walked out of the family room the other day to see balls of fluff all over the hallway floor surrounding a now deflated dog bed. At her wits end, she declared in a tense voice, “Lucky, you need to stop destroying your beds!”

Will dashed into the hallway, quickly offering words of wisdom, “Mom, I know what you can do. You can pray for Lucky to not do it and then you won’t be so frustrated.”

“Is that what you do, Will?” Lori inquired.

“I pray when I am worried or scared about something and it works for me.” Will continued to explain, “Like the other night I was afraid that there would be a flood here. So I prayed. And there wasn’t one!”


Stephanie said...

Such a good post. Sweet, sweet Will with such good parents.

Now push "publish" on the rest of those written posts! I love reading your blog. You are such a good writer, Brent.

Sheryl said...

Sweetest boy, I am with Steph!! Write and share, write and share! Love and miss you so much!

It's all about example and the three of you are blessed!

Heidi said...

Love that kid!