Friday, May 06, 2011

The Mohawk

Yesterday, as we drove home from our Cinco de Mayo dinner, I spotted a tough looking motorcyclist sporting a mohawk. I pointed out the burly cyclist to Will because he seems to have a fascination with that particular hair style.

“Awesome!” he cried.

Lori started to inform Will that he will never have one and I quickly hushed the comment. I’m thinking if we put a verbal ban on his adolescent desire for what he sees as a fun Mohawk, the seed of rebellion is then planted in his mind. I can clearly imagine Will crawling into his bedroom window instead of walking through the front door because of his newly unispiked hairstyle. I think Lori saw what I was thinking, so she resumed with a different approach.

Lori: I don't like mohawks.

Will: You don't like them?

Lori: I don't like how they look on people. Do you like how they look or do you want one?

Will: I want one.

Lori: No. Not on my watch.

Will: So you are saying it's not ever gonna happen?

Lori: Yes. That's what I'm saying.

Will: We'll see about that.

Seed of rebellion firmly planted and sprouting.


Sheryl said...

I am laughing...remembering telling my kids they couldn't be "stupid" about their hair until they were 18. For was an invitation. Bleached orange a week after he turn 18!! I figured it didn't effect his salvation... so...but with the others, it was a lesson about how they didn't want to look...Garen calls himself my "waffle" child..the firsts were always tough for sure!!

Dejah said...

Hahaha. He's a funny kid, but he seems to respect his parents, so I think you guys are safe.