Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Early in the mornings, Lori takes me to catch the bus. On the rare occasion that William is awake at that dreadful hour, he goes with us, but he usually stays home with Jennifer, Tana, and Lucky.

Will has been told that he must go down to the car with one of us in the instances he wakes up. He cannot just walk down to the car on his own just in case we do not see or hear him and the worst occurs (just the thought tightens my chest and gives me shivers).

This morning Will woke up and starting coming down the hall as I was rushing down the stairs to the running car, where Lori was waiting for me. He was a good boy and did not go down to the car alone. He did go into the library where the bay windows hang over the driveway below. He banged on the windows, crying, tears streaming down his face, and yelled for us to let him go along as we were pulling away from the house. We neither heard nor saw him.

Lori arrived back home and found Will sitting in the family room chair with puffed red eyes and a quivering bottom lip. With a shakey voice, he told her what had happened. While typing this, it breaks my heart as I consider how he was feeling.

Will and Lori now have a plan, should this happen again. He is to flash the lights off an on in an effort to get our attention. In the mean time, I will tip-toe as light as possible in the mornings to allow him to sleep as much as we can. I love to have him with me, however, his evening moods are not so cheery when he rides along to catch those early busses.

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Sheryl said...

That breaks my heart too! There is nothing worse than them feeling left behind. At least you had people home for him.
I don't know if this story ever hit...One time we were going to Russell's softball game across town, and we took two cars. The kids started piling into the cars,we left. When we got to the park, I asked Russell where Brendon was, and he said "I don't know, didn't you bring him"? Me - "No, I thought he was with you". My heart sank, and I jumped in the car, and drove like crazy home. I found my 5 year old Brendon on the front porch, with that breath catching sob in his voice. As I picked him up and apologized to my little man. In true Brendon form..."it's okay mom, I am just glad that you didn't leave Grant instead, he would have been REALLY sad".